What is the best way to repair a large crack in a foundations ?

Cracks, both large and small, in any type of concrete foundations are serious. They can become wider and lead to major types of repairs, lead to water seepage, and are dangerous in manufacturing and warehouse areas, since they cause unsafe effects for vehicles and forklifts.

To address theses issues, Delta Chemical developed, ALL-KRETE.

This is a unique polyester repair kit, that contains only 2 components..40lbs of a special powder or aggregate + 1 gallon of liquified Polyester. While traditionally Epoxies have been used, Polyester is different, in that it hardens 3 times harder than cement, fills any size crack or hole, and hardens in 30 minutes. We even have a formula that is widely used in The food industry and in Alaka, This formula sets at minus 30 degrees. Plants and operations no longer have to shutdown to make a repair. Preparation of the area is easy. Just clean with a good degreaser, like Delta Chemical’s “Power Clean”.

There is never any shrinkage, so repairs stay put and are permanent!

Delta chemicals also recommends a good coating of concrete sealer and/or nonslip coatings, for added safety and durability.

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